Puppy Development

With The Right Start Your Dog Can Be A Welcome Guest Anywhere!

inbalance dog sleepingPuppy Development and Socialization is often unknowingly over looked by pet owners. In Balance Dog believes, our program can help your puppy develop into a confident, friendly and happy dog.

When In Balance Dog is hired for Puppy Development and Socialization we take great care in positive exposure to all things that the puppy could encounter as an adult dog. These encounters might include a towering man of 6’5” with a beard and coveralls to a group of small children on the playground. Also, we put a large emphasis on Environmental Stimulation. Your puppy will be exposed to different noises, unusual footing and friendly (fully immunized) dogs of different age, size and breed. We often utilize the unique opportunity of the 100% dog friendly complex at The Domain.

Studies have shown environmental stimulation can change the way your puppy’s brain is structured. Allowing him to be more accepting and flexible as he grows, for instance, having to be kenneled for family vacation or bringing home the new baby. The window for Puppy Development, Socialization and Environmental Stimulation is small, so don’t miss out.

8-12 WEEKS:

During phase 1 of Puppy Development and Socialization; In Balance Dog will be exposing your puppy to multiple people and dogs at a distance. Your puppy will experience new environmental stimuli in a calm and friendly atmosphere. All encounters and stimuli are reinforced with high value rewards and plenty of praise. Puppies of this age tire quickly, so In Balance Dog keeps everything short and fun. The following lessons and boundaries are also implemented:

  • Crate training
  • House breaking
  • Puppy home manners
  • Name recognition
  • Come
  • Walking on leash
  • Sights and Sounds
  • Car Rides
  • Unfamiliar footing
  • Puppy obstacles
  • Handling exercises
  • Go “Potty” on cue
  • It’s okay to be alone
  • What and what not to put in your mouth.

12-16 WEEKS:

During phase 2 of Puppy Development and Socialization, In Balance Dog will continue to follow the format of phase 1 with the new exercises introduced, with more generalization and distractions.

  • Pay attention
  • Additional home manners
  • Sit
  • Sit and down
  • Go to “crate” on cue
  • Go to “place” on cue

16-20 WEEKS:

During phase 3 of Puppy Development and Socialization, In Balance Dog will continue to follow the format of phase 1 and 2 with new exercises introduced, with more generalization and distractions.

  • Sitting / Stand while being greeted
  • Standing while being groomed
  • Down with duration
  • Sit with duration
  • Come when called
  • No pulling

20-24 WEEKS:

During phase 4 of Puppy Development and Socialization, In Balance Dog will continue to follow the format of phase 1, 2 and 3. We will be revisiting basic obedience cues with more distractions. During phase 4 the primary focus is, come when called. Come is the most important word in your dog’s life, and we take it very seriously.

Puppy Development and Environmental Stimulation is not a process that is exclusive to dogs under a year. All dogs, of all ages can benefit and thrive from this work.


Monday – Friday 

  • $400.00 per week/ per dog

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • $240.00 per week / per dog


At this point the adolescent puppy is going to try and push your limits. Thus, more structure is applied and more bounders are set. Often puppies get to this phase and “forget” what they have learned. With In Balance Dog we have created a program to meet your needs. Our Obedience Program can be tailored for you with our one on one session or daily training with a weekly coaching session.

In Balance Dog can also coach you through the development stages via email correspondence.

Fees (paid through PayPal only):

  • $5 per question

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