images dog sittingAt In Balance Dog we have designed three successful training programs for you and your dog. One on One Training, Day Training with Weekly One on One coaching and In Kennel Training

One on One Training:
During these training sessions we will meet with you and your dog at your home, to address your needs and wants from your dog. In Balance Dog will design a training program specific to you and your pet. We will coach you through the entire training process.


  • $55.00 per training session
  • $220.00 for 4 training sessions and the 5th is Free!

Day Training with weekly One on One coaching:

During these training sessions we will work with your dog at our facility during scheduled hours. This program is designed to help you and your dog get a quick start to the best training possible. DROP OFF ONLY, unless other arrangements have been made


  • $55.00 per training session

In Kennel Training:

In kennel training is a full immersion training program, in which your dog spends a decided amount of time at our facility. Your dog will have multiple training sessions throughout the day and will also enjoy all of the activities that our personal dogs partake in.


  • $1100.00 2 Week training session
  • $2000.00 4 Week training session
  • $2800.00 6 Week training session

Please contact us so we can schedule an appointment to meet you and your dog. From there we will plan your path for success.